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It is said that 93% of communication is non-verbal. Video conferencing captures facial expressions and gestures; and therefore, not only emphasises verbal messages, but helps to avoid misunderstandings and improve productivity – globally, in a cost-effective way.

vMeeting Video, our video conferencing solution, offers you the experience of face-to-face communication. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, it allows you to hold personal and dynamic meetings with customers, partners and employees – regardless of their location.

vMeeting Video’s functionalities empower you to

Easily connect two or multiple video endpoints into a single video conference exploiting world class conferencing infrastructure.
Collaborate in ‘real time’. Share documents such as PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets and software applications while enjoying visual communication.
Drive conference activities trough in-meeting control functions and to encourage your audience to participate through collaboration features such as Q&A’s and polling sessions.
Conveniently schedule, notify and manage video resources via the vMeeting.NET portal or Microsoft Outlook integration.
Create, record and distribute high quality video content which you and/or anyone else can access and view anytime and anywhere.
Seamlessly integrate video with your existing voice and data network, supporting your daily business processes.

vMeeting Video is a powerful and flexible conferencing solution that adapts to your visual communication needs. Whether you are looking for a simple video desktop system, a boardroom solution or a whole video conferencing infrastructure, by evaluating and understanding your communication requirements, we provide you with an end-to-end solution – including equipment, infrastructure and services – that suits your organisation.

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